Due to the rich collection, new types and methods of service, modern library-informational technologies the Presidential Library, created on the initiative of the national leader, became a library representing cultural, scientific and informational significance.

Abuzer Khalafov
Professor, Head of the Library science Department of the ASU

With thanks for your warm hospitality. Best wishes for your library and library environment in Azerbaijan.

Ellen Tise
IFLA President - elect 2007-2009

With gratitude for sated discussions, plentiful ideas and friendly participation days. With wishes of well-being, the successes, interesting projects and happiness.

I. A. Andreeva
Head of the Library Collections Department of State Duma (Parliament Library) of the Russian Federation

For five years you have done huge work. I wish you the further prosperity, successes in your undertakings.

K. K. Nakipova
Head of Library of President of the Republic of Kazakhstan

At the conclusion of my first visit to Azerbaijan, I was pleased to visit the Presidential library. The elegant sanctuary, the orderly materials and the common interest to reading and making books available to the public are all actions that will serve to underline culture in a changing society.

Ismail Sirageldin
Director of Aleksandrian Library, ARE

The Presidential Library is the most outstanding I saw in my visit to Azerbaijan. It’s beautiful and well-organized and well-directed facility.

Dr. Kenneth Oberembt
International specialist on Library management and trainings

With the best regards to development to this excellent library-to storehouse of wisdom and national property. I wish to wish well-being and many interesting affairs.

Ina Gudele
Minister under special assignments on affairs of electronic management of the Latvian Republic

There is performed large amount of successful work on creating the electronic catalog of the exiting book collection.

Sevda Mammedaliyeva
Deputy Minister of culture and tourism

You have created the library, which has no analogue in the Republic. Well done! As a specialist, I’m proud of your work.

Tamilla Ismikhanova
Director of the Republic Scientific-Pedagogical Library

What a wonderful library and staff. The amount of work that has been done in such a short time is very impressive. I hope to return again soon, and I look forward to working with the library.

William Middleton
Information Resource officer U.S. Embassy, Vienna