Preparation of document-information resources is one of the main fields of activity of the Presidential Library. The full text e-resources on topical themes aim to meet the users’ (readers’) demands adequately.

Contract of the Century

All the aspects of Azerbaijan’s oil strategy are covered in this full text e-resource which was submitted to users in September, 2004. This resource represents the articles, as well as, all the legislative documents published in periodical press from 1994 up to the present on the “Contract of the Century” which was the comprehensive economic decision taken by the National Leader Heydar Aliyev and followed by involvement of the leading oil companies of the world in exploitation of rich hydrocarbon deposits of Azerbaijan.

Municipal Authority

The texts of all the legislative documents – laws, decrees and orders, including the section on municipalities in the Constitution of the Republic of Azerbaijan, and the information concerning municipal elections are covered in this e-resource collection. The documents date back to 1999, date of establishment of local self-governing bodies – municipalities in the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Nagorno-Karabakh conflict

This full text e-resource provides comprehensive information on the occupied territories of Azerbaijan as a result of Armenia-Azerbaijan, Nagorno Karabakh conflict, Azerbaijan’s efforts in finding a peaceful solution for liberation of its native lands, the peacemaking activity of international organization on this conflict, as well as the activity of the State Commission on Prisoners of War (POW), Hostages and Missing citizens.

State Service

The Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan “On State Service” which is of great importance for Azerbaijan statehood, amendments and additions made to the above mentioned law, the orders and decrees of the President of Azerbaijan related to this law, full texts of the resolutions of the Cabinet of Ministers are reflected in this e-resource collection. The e-resource on State Service was submitted to users in February, 2006.