Being one of the important tendencies of the bibliographic and information activities of the Presidential Library, the bibliographic indexes on various subjects were created for the purpose of satisfaction of users’ (readers) information needs.

The Legislation of Azerbaijan: bibliographic database

This bibliographic database contains legislative documents published in official sources since 1991 - Laws of the Republic of Azerbaijan, decrees and orders signed by the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, resolutions of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Documents can be searched by their type, date of issue, state registration number and keywords.

New books

In this bibliographic index the bibliographic descriptions of new books with their annotations received in the fund of the library, are represented in Library-Bibliographic Classification (LBC) in the Azerbaijani, the Russian and the other languages.


Bibliographic descriptions of the abstracts included in the library stock are arranged in Azerbaijani, Russian and English languages by years, field codes and Library-Bibliographical Classification (LBC) in this index.