On December 3, 2019, President of the Kars Culture and Art Association Vedat Akchayoz, and Professor of Conservatoire of Kars Caucasus University Rafiq Imrani visited the Presidential Library. The guests gave detailed information about the purpose of their visit and emphasized the importance of further extension of mutual relations. Director of Library Mayil Ahmedov noted that the Presidential Library has been cooperating with Kars Culture and Art Association for 10 years. M. Ahmadov also extended his thanks to Vedat Akchayoz for donating all publications of the Association to the Library on a regular basis. V. Akchayoz donated his new books on the historical past and culture of Kars and Ani - "Aninin gizemli yüzü" ("The Secret Face of Ani") and "New Discovers in Ani". He expressed his gratitude to the Department Chief of Library Nazim Mustafa for the assistance rendered to the author in both books.