On April 10-11, 2014 Scientific and Practical Conference “Law and information: Theory and Practice” was held in the Presidential Library named after Boris Yeltsin, in Saint Petersburg city of the Russian Federation.
Information retrieval, e-government and right of information, library-information services in the state administrative authorities, copyright and electronic libraries, right of information and intellectual property and other issues were discussed in the conference.
Director of the Presidential Library Mayil Ahmedov delivered a presentation on “Library- Information Service in the Presidential Library of Administrative Department of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan”. Azerbaijani delegation to the conference also included the academic secretary of the Library Kamala Sarijalinskaya and consultant Tunjay Huseynzade.
Multimedia compact disks and books talking of the Azerbaijani culture, art and history prepared by the Heydar Aliyev Foundation had been presented to the Library collection of the Presidential Library named after B. Yeltsin