The day before celebration by Armenians and their protectors of 100th anniversary of fictional Armenian genocide the staff of Presidential Library prepared the new electronic edition.
The electronic edition «Armenian crimes: Genocide. Deportations. Terror» proves in full measure on the basis of archival documents, materials of periodicals and works of some researchers that the real genocide was made in the 1905-1906th years, and also in the 1918-1920th years during World War I in East Anatoly and in territories of Azerbaijan against the Turkic and Muslim population.
During 1991-1994 in full view of the whole world the Armenian army occupied 20 percent of the territory of Azerbaijan, and in the same territory the genocide against our people was committed.
Hundreds of innocent people were killed and wounded within the last 30-40 years, as a result of the acts of terrorism committed by Armenians.
This electronic edition makes it possible to show the real face of the Armenians presenting themselves to the world as the civil nation which was subjected to the genocide.