On July 31, viewers of the Medeniyet TV had an opportunity to watch “Voices of Ages” programme (by Gullu Yologly), where they have got a comprehensive information about the work “Town of Irevan” created by Nazim Mustafa, Department Head of the Presidential Library, and the web-site www.iravan.info developed on its basis. During the programme Nazim Mustafa spoke about the history of Irevan, its historical architectural monuments and their subsequent fate. N Mustafa noted that all historical periods of the town of Irevan are addressed in the e-version of the work. It includes the chronological sequence of when and from where Armenians came to Irevan, the phased oppression and exile of aboriginal Azerbaijani population and gradual transformation of Irevan to a monoethnic town. N.Mustafa’s speech had been accompanied by pictures and illustrations placed on the web-site.
The viewers also got to learn that the Russian version of the work “Town of Irevan” and its web-design had been also created by the staff of the Presidential Library.