Within the framework of project a lecture was delivered on “Udi villages in Yelizavetpol Province: what we know” in Baku State University (BSU).
 The lecture was delivered by the Department Head of Presidential Library of Administrative Department of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, well-known historian Nazim Mustafa. Nazim Mustafa gave detailed information about Udis as one of the ancient nations of Azerbaijan, also brought to the attention of the audience that as a result of the changes which occurred during the Soviet era many Udis living in Ganja region were scattered over the different corners of the former Soviet Union, and the rest of Udis remaining in the territory of the Armenian SSR underwent the assimilation and were armenified as the other national minorities: “At present part of the armenified Udis are settled in Norashen and  Arjvaberd (former Gyrghy) villages of Shamshaddin (present Berd) region of the Republic of Armenia.”
 The lecturer also informed about the regular measures undertaken by the Government of Azerbaijan in the field of protection of the material cultural heritage of Caucasian Albania, historical and architectural monuments of Udis living in Nij village of Gabala region and the town of Oghuz, as well as the development of their culture and protection of language.