On March 19, 2018, former IFLA President Ms. Ingrid Parent visited the Presidential Library. Ms. Parent came to Azerbaijan to attend the 6th Global Baku Forum and expressed a wish to visit the Presidential Library in advance.
During her visit Ms. Parent walked about the Library and got closely acquainted with its departments, the works done, library service, and rich electronic information resources created in the library. Ms. Parent informed the library staff about her activities, the mission of modern libraries, also the importance of international relations of the libraries. She highly appreciated the works done in the library, the online resources and the facilities created for users and staff, and wished success to the library staff in this noble cause. Ms. Parent accentuated the importance of establishing contacts and cooperation between the libraries of Azerbaijan and Canada, and said that she would act in this direction after returning to her home country. Later, the guest wrote her impressions and wishes to the library staff on the Visitors’ Book. At the end of the meeting, Director of the library Mayil Ahmedov presented the Canadian guest with the books about history and culture of Azerbaijan.