On June 10-12, 2014, a group of the Presidential Library staff participated at the meetings arranged to provide exchange of experience in Berlin city libraries.
These meetings carried out with support of the Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Germany, were held at the Library of German Bundestag, Berlin City Library (Berlin Senate Library) and the Humboldt University Library.
There was considerable discussion on the points of the library and information service in modern times, preservation of the library collection, improvement of the service level as a result of introduction of the new technical equipment, the works done in the field of promotion of the national and cultural values by means of libraries.  Also each library had sharing of experience of the works carried out according to its profile. There were arranged excursions to the main structural units and reading halls of the libraries, and participants took a view of the works done. The staffs of the same libraries also intended to have exchange of experience at the Presidential Library.
During the meetings the books about the history, culture and art of Azerbaijan published by the Heydar Aliyev Foundation in German language, Prof. Vidadi Muradov’s “Azerbaijani carpets: Karabakh group” catalogue, also the editions on Karabakh events and Khojaly tragedy published by the European Azerbaijan Society  were presented to the libraries from the gift fund of the Presidential Library.
The Presidential Library was represented at the meetings by the director Mayil Ahmedov, scientific secretary Kamala Sarijalinskaya and head of department Halimakhanim Rzaguliyeva.