On August 24-30, 2019, 85th General Conference of the International Federation of Library Associations (IFLA) was held in Athens, Greece. At present IFLA includes 1600 libraries and national library associations. This year's conference was attended by 3636 delegates from 140 countries. 278 sessions on various aspects of library work were held in the framework of the conference program. The topic of the conference was “Libraries: dialogue for change”.
The Presidential Library that is a permanent member of the IFLA, was represented at the event by the director Mayil Ahmadov and the academic secretary Kamala Sarijalinskaya. They participated in the opening and closing ceremonies of the conference, opening of exhibitions, tours to libraries and museums, bilateral and multilateral meetings and discussions. The delegation also visited the National Library of Greece, got closely acquainted with library's new premises, the new range of services provided there, and donated books about Azerbaijan to one of the largest libraries in the world.